Thought-Provoking Illustrations By Elia Colombo Might Take A Minute To Understand

The world, especially in the crazy year of 2020, never fails to leave room for social criticism—it’s like you don’t even have to try hard to find things you can ironically poke at. Italian artist Elia Colombo, known to social media as “gebelia,” transfers the flaws of our modern society to conceptual illustrations. They are uncomfortable, thought-provoking, and with a good dose of irony and humor.

Colombo has been preparing more food for thought since our last post about his artwork, so we hope that your mind is hungry.

More: Elia Colombo, Instagram, Behance h/t: boredpanda

“2019 was a controversial year. I’ve been splitted between hard working times and ruinous personal projects. I experienced the love and the hate of the community, as well as the privilege of getting censored. All of this strengthened my perception of the social media phenomenon and my opinion on mass intelligence: they’re mostly unaware, mastered by fear and ignorance. 2020 is right behind the corner: I wish you all the best for the upcoming decade.”

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