The Fantastic, Beautiful and Colorful Mosaic Portraits by Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis is a Greek visual designer living and working in Pafos, Cyprus. He holds a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Akademie für das Grafische Gewerbe, München and a Master in Visual Design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano.

His new series “The Queen’s Gambit” was inspired by the well-known and successful TV series “The Lady’s Game”:

“A year like no other showed us many unknown and unexpected parts of the human soul, identity, and behavior. Beth Harmon is a heroine that many could relate to, and chess is the platform on which many psychological and sociological schemes can be applied. In 2020 every one of us had to play a strange chess game against the coronavirus pandemic. It’s an ongoing game with many different challenges, unknown moves, obvious and not so apparent strategies, dilemmas, and complications. This game against an invisible enemy has shaped our lives and showed us our limitations. Finally, it gave us an ultimate chance to rethink ourselves and our civilization”, he explains on his website.

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