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9 Artists Teamed Up To Create Art And Raise Money For Non-Profit Organizations In Hopes Of Raising Awareness Of Important Issues Our Planet Is Facing

Fosila II. Raising awareness for Smithsonian.

Seventh Voyage

According to Andreas Häggkvist: “Hi, I’m Andy, an artist who has always had a passion for using creativity as a way to make a change, even to the point that I’ve made it my whole life. As long as I have been an artist, each and every artwork I’ve made has told a story and focused on raising awareness about an issue the world is facing.

My niche of dedicating each artwork to a cause has led me to collaborate with organizations such as PETA, WWF, UN, Give Back to Nature, Climate Save Movement, and many more in efforts to raise awareness about important issues that our planet is facing.

But one person can only do so much, and I felt it was time to join forces with some of the world’s best artists to try and achieve even greater things together.
So I hunted them down and asked them if they were interested in making the world a better place with me. To create some super-limited edition artworks that represent a cause that they care deeply about.

P.S.: If you want to make a donation on the artwork for a cause, they’re available on my website, which is linked down below!”

More: Andreas Häggkvist, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Mirage. Raising awareness for PETA International.

Natacha Einat

Garden Delights. Raising awareness for PETA International.


Jellymaid. Raising awareness for SeaLegacy.

Justin Peters

Fallen City. Raising awareness for PETA International.

Anna McNaught

Magical Night Raising awareness for PangeaSEED.

Marco Zagara

Jungle Rose. Raising awareness for WWF.

Christina Beijer

Two For A Kind Raising awareness for PETA international.

Andy Okay

In A Flash. Raising awareness for Plastic Bank.

Emma Skinner

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