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Creative Parents Build a Mad Max “War Rig” for Their Kids’ Halloween Costumes


The popular film Mad Max: Fury Road certainly wasn’t a children’s movie, but parents Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith have adapted it into an adorable Halloween costume for their kids. Described as “‘makers’ long before the term was popular,” the couple created a “war rig” for their four-year-old son Cooper and 11-month-old daughter Ziggy. They are Max and Furiosa, respectively, and their adorable outfits complement the incredible build of the armored vehicle, which recalls the tattered grittiness of the action-packed film.


Both parents are software engineers by trade, and they used their knowledge to make the hi-tech costumed rig. They started with a couple of cheap second-hand PowerWheels as the base and then enhanced it with cardboard and paint. It’s powered by four motors and features a smooth-starting throttle, power steering, keyed ignition, and sound effects with a pull cord air-horn.


A remote controlled iPhone app even gives Ziggy the ability to drive, creating a fun and memorable Halloween holiday. We’re looking forward to seeing how they top this ensemble next year!


This isn’t the first time Cory and Jeremy have come up with imaginative kid’s costumes. Last year, they dressed their son as Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’.


Via My Modern Met, Laughing Squid

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