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Artist Proves There Are No Limits To Creativity By Creating 35 Different Illustrations Using One Base

Here is the original piece Jablow started with to create his art

We are all familiar with pin-up pictures, especially with the recent revival of all things vintage and retro. While most of the world associates pin-ups with such ladies like Page and Monroe, it is undeniable that a big part of the pin-up world consists of various suggestive illustrations. So when artist David Jablow was given a vintage novelty doodle pad, he knew there’s plenty of scenarios he could put the seemingly nude, under-drawn lady in. And he got to work!

More: David Jablow, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

“I’ve been drawing my entire life,” Jablow told Bored Panda, “it’s always been one of my favorite activities, specifically cartooning and illustration.”

The artist who lives and works in Philadelphia, PA also revealed that he’s been working on his vintage doodle series for the past 10 years and has over a hundred as of now (and no plan on stopping).

“The half-drawn pin-up girls serve as the inspiration..I just imagine what they could be doing and then figure out how to create the world around them,” Jablow detailed his creative process. “Every one is a new but familiar challenge.” The “Do It Yourself Doodler” series was the very beginning of his artistic journey into the world of doodling over pieces and the artist’s creative journey into placing soulless templates into colorful and detailed worlds.

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