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The Powerful Illustrations of Sergio Ingravalle That Speak Loudly

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Meet Sergio Ingravalle, a freelance illustrator from Germany. After a remarkable five-month voyage from Sydney to Beijing, he was motivated to pursue illustration as a new artistic endeavor. His engrossing series “Mindshots” resulted from this. Continue reading »

Illustrations by Steffen Kraft that Invite People to Reflect on Themselves and The World Around Them


With more captivating and thought-provoking illustrations, ICONEO, also known as Steffen Kraft (previously here and here), returns. He invites people to reflect on themselves and the world around them through his work, which often addresses important environmental and social issues. Continue reading »

The Orange and The Sleepy: An AI Tale of Unlikely Friendship in Politics


From ‘Tiny Trump’ to ‘Snoozy Joe the Hair Sniffer’, we’ve seen the political roast session from both sides of the aisle. Continue reading »

The Intersection of Fine Art and Insanity in Superb Artworks of Laurie Lipton


Laurie Lipton, a New York native, has been expressing herself through the medium of drawing since she was four years old. She made history as the first individual to graduate with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing (with honors) from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania. After spending 36 years living in various countries across Europe, including Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, and London, she has recently returned to her home country, the USA. Continue reading »

Finally, The 2024 Kid Trump Calendar Is Here!


Even though he got kicked out of the White House after one term, you can still enjoy the hilarious antics of our orange-faced leader all year long with this amazing calendar. Continue reading »

Cowboys, Gangsters, and Intellectual Humor: The Illustrative World of Glen Baxter


Renowned for his unique brand of humor and idiosyncratic style, Glen Baxter, affectionately known as Colonel Baxter, has carved a niche for himself in the world of art. This English draftsman and artist, born on 4th March 1944 in Leeds, is celebrated for his absurdist illustrations and for creating an overarching effect often reminiscent of literary nonsense. Continue reading »

Provoking Reflections on Modern Society in Paweł Kuczyński’s Art


Polish illustrator Paweł Kuczyński (previously featured here and here) intertwines social commentary and satire to craft thought-stirring artworks, challenging us to reconsider life’s absurdities and societal norms. Continue reading »

Pop Culture Meets Strange Familiarity – The Surreal Art of Tim O’Brien


Tim O’Brien (previously featured), an artist, illustrator, and portrait painter, has garnered attention for his striking illustrations that blend pop culture with surrealism. He has contributed his work to publications such as TIME Magazine, The Nation, and Bloomberg Businessweek, among many others. Continue reading »

Donald Trump Indicted and Memed: AI Imagines His Life Behind Bars


Donald Trump, the former president, has been indicted by a grand jury in New York, marking the first time a former president has faced criminal charges. This news has even caught the attention of artificial intelligence, which finds the idea of Trump getting arrested too amusing to resist. Trump has become the ultimate meme that keeps on giving, and AI-generated images of his arrest have already been shared widely. Continue reading »

Artist Reveals What’s Wrong With Our Modern Society In New Satirical Illustrations


Art is not just about beauty. One of its greatest powers is precisely the ability to reveal the realities of the world without having to use absolutely any words, thus crossing the borders of language limitations. Continue reading »

Artist Reveals What’s Wrong With Our Modern Society In These Satirical Illustrations


Sometimes it seems like a simpler life would be more fulfilling and healthy because modern life can be depressing. Almost everyone today exchanges their time for money. Continue reading »

This Artist Illustrates The Problems Of Modern Society, And Here Are His Newest Works

The Money Machine

According to Daniel Garcia (previously featured here and here): “What are the things that bother you most about the world today?

Is it the wars and economic problems made by powerful people that make others suffer so much? Is it the constant bickering and lack of empathy on social media? Or just the everyday injustices that don’t get talked enough about? Continue reading »

Finally, The Kid Trump 2023 Calendar Is Here!


He may only be a one-term president, but thanks to this Kid Trump calendar you’ll be able to enjoy our Commander-in-Cheeto’s antics all throughout 2023 as well. Each month comes with a brilliantly hilarious and masterfully doctored image of Trump as a little kid. You can order this calendar on Etsy for yourself or as a gift to a Trump supporter – it would royally piss him off. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Illustrations that Provide Sharp Political Commentary on Topics that Are Relevant Today


Based in Matane, Quebec, Sébastien Thibault uses graphic shapes, simplified form, and intense color to create symbolic images full of content. His illustrations venture into political standoffs between world leaders, economic disparity, even toxic love – allowing viewers to react to his at times, witty, at other times, terse imagery. Continue reading »

Evils of Politicians in the Satirical Art of Semyon Skrepetsky


An American artis of the Russian origin Semyon Skrepetsky is a master of satirical art who focuses on human sins. He exposes atrocity, greed, lie, passion for power and other negative human qualities. And it naturally comes that Semen uses images of politicians to demistrate those qualities. Continue reading »

An Artist Puts Our Modern World’s Problems On A Plate, Literally

Stop This War

According to Antonio Coelho: “This is a series of redefined photos, in still life with small adjustments from the RAW file. Continue reading »

Putin Pencil Sharpener Is a Bestselling Item On Etsy


This pencil sharpener has taken Etsy by storm and reached a bestseller status. You use it like any other ordinary pencil sharpener: you PUTIN the pencil in his bum and sharpen it just like the good old days before mechanical pencils. Continue reading »

Artist Alireza Pakdel Illustrates Modern Society’s Problems, And Here Are New Illustrations


In the modern world where our countries, cities, and society evolve so rapidly, you would expect any problem to be easily solved. However, the issues we face usually grow with us and are ever-changing. Continue reading »

German Artist Shows What’s Problematic About Modern Societies In His Illustrations

Art is a perfect way to communicate and highlight all the issues and problems that arise. It is also a means to open people’s eyes and let them finally see things that were swept under the rug and not touched for the longest time. Continue reading »

Artist Gives A Comically Exaggerated Representation Of Popular Characters And Phenomena In His Paintings

Painting has been considered high art. Thinking about paintings, one usually imagines big museums filled with thousands of exhibits and tourists sympathetic to art. Probably the vast majority of people find paintings very expensive and made for rich people or the elite to understand and enjoy. However, Travis Chapman might change your mind about this form of art because his artworks offer funny approaches to famous images borrowed from pop culture. Continue reading »

Politicallly Controversial and Ultra-Violent Illustrations by Baphoboy

Baphoboy is a political artist based in Bangkok. Practicing his art helps him deal with the stress of news and politics, but he also wants to change things. Continue reading »

30 Thought-Provoking And Honest Illustrations About Our Lives By Stephan Schmitz

Society and its issues is a topic often covered and discussed by many, especially artists. They love to portray the problems society has in their creative work and make a statement. Continue reading »

These Illustrations Show What’s Wrong With The Modern Society

Coronavirus Depression

According to Daniel Garcia: “Have you ever stopped to think about the world and its problems or why things are this way or not? I’m sure you have. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates Thought-Provoking Illustrations About Modern Day Issues

FadiToOn (Fadi Abou Hassan) is a widely published and award-winning freelance cartoonist. He lived as a refugee in Syria until the uprising in 2011, and is known for his many cartoons commenting on the everyday life and political events in Syria and the Middle East in general. His cartoons focus on human rights, women’s rights, and political violence taking place in the country. He is very critical of the political elite in Syria. Continue reading »

Digital Illustrations That Expose The Flaws Of Today’s Society By Alireza Pakdel

The works of the Iranian illustrator Alireza Pakdel criticize the current patterns of behavior in society and propose a reflection on issues that are left aside by a large part of the modern-day population. Continue reading »