Artist Matt McCarthy Uses Photoshop To Create Surreal Giant Cat Landscapes

Nowadays, it would be hard to imagine photo editing without Photoshop as it comes in handy not only for professional but also for personal use. People use it for a lot of things, from creating designs to making themselves look better for pitch-perfect Instagram photos.

Probably most of us will also agree that this software is a mighty tool that helps people to unleash their creativity and make magical, augmented reality images that would be impossible using only photography. And when it comes to creating magical, otherworldly images, one of the first things that come to our minds is photo manipulation.

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So what’s a better way to make use of this advanced technology if not making some well-loved cat edits? US-based artist Matt McCarthy did just that, combining the best of two worlds into his surrealistic giant cat images that have stolen the internet.

“The idea initially came to me as I was observing my own cats when they were playing with a bug that entered our house. I wondered how they would react if my wife and I were that small. They’re so sweet and cuddly that we tend to forget they’re apex predators.

I also think their personalities are good surrogates for human personalities, so I often use them to express some of my own emotions: anxiety, pettiness, stubbornness.

I strive for uncanny surrealism. I want to make pictures that feel very familiar to the viewer, yet are slightly off,” artist told Bored Panda.

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