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Man Dresses Up Every Sunday To Take His Grandmother To Church


By now most of the legends have already been debunked and sorted out. Except maybe for the one of the mysterious Sunday Man from Baltimore, Maryland.

h/t: demilked, reddit


Reddit user ichthuz, who claims to know the photographer who took these pictures said: “He is there every Sunday to make sure his grandmother gets into church safely. We see him on our way to the farmers market. On the last day of market last year we gave him a book of 31 of the photos I’ve taken called “A Month of Sundays”.


We don’t know Sunday Man’s name or even the photographer’s name, but it is said that you can see this stylish fella for yourself, every Sunday sporting a different but always extravagant outfit on the corner of Nazarene Temple.


You can check this Imgur link for a full list of nearly a hundred of his Sunday outfits. Oh, and if you were to Google Street View the Nazarene Temple, you might see someone familiar on the corner.


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