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Stunning Digital Female Portraits By Irakli Nadar


Most people agree that portraits are the most difficult subjects to paint. It’s not easy—especially for a beginner—to look at another person and draw and or paint them as they are in front of you or on a photograph. Irakli Nadar is an up-and-coming portrait artist who was a CG modeller before he chose to get into illustration.


“If I could recommend that artists do only one thing to improve their art and better themselves, I would tell them to study old master paintings.”, says Nadar.


“The technique I use works for me. I start off by photo-manipulating my reference to get a better idea for composition. There is a big difference between a photo-manipulated image and the finished artwork. Sometimes, I don’t edit my photo reference or I decide that I won’t use any. First I paint with a large soft brush with everything being blurry and light value. I work on the details before making working on the dark values. All in all, it’s like a daguerreotype photograph when it’s being developed.”


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