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Canadian Artist David Huynh Used the Logos from Famous Companies to Depict His Own Perspective of Those Companies

Some might have you believe that creating a logo for a company is a fairly straightforward task, while in fact it is not.

A logo designer is not someone who merely creates a small typography icon upon request. It is a professional tasked with a responsibility to create an impactful indetifying mark, symbol, signature, or a combination of thereof that is unforgettable and easily discernable from the rest. A well done logo has to get the customer’s attention by showing the company philosophy.

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David Huynh from Canada decided to use logos from famous companies such as Nike, Adidas and Amazon to showcase his own interpretations in creative and lively illustrations.

“I started out in logo design and have always enjoyed the simplicity of logos. I decided one day to include a theme within a logo that represents the brand. The first one I did was Nike and Adidas, from there I kept going and people really liked them” – the artist told Bored Panda.

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