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“Between Reality And Imagination”: Stunning Digital And Concept Art By Jason Scheier

Jason Scheier is a concept artist who helps create visual styles and language for properties like Kung Fu Panda, The Croods, and Scared Shrekless. You’ve probably seen the results of his work, although most of that work is done well before a single frame of a movie has been filmed. It’s his job to take a screenplay and raw ideas and flesh out a world the characters will live in. You might think this is only necessary for animation, video games, and comics, but it’s also an essential process for some genre films (e.g., science fiction, mystery, fantasy).

He is currently living in Pasadena California. His design work features strong use of evocative environments and mood, as well as a solid understanding of dimensional forms. Jason’s client list includes DreamWorks Animation SKG, Saab Vehicles, Honda Automotive, General Electric, NBC Universal, Treasure Island, MGM Grand and the American Cancer Society. Just recently, Jason was selected by a couple top directors to breathe life into the script for a few brand new, unannounced DreamWorks Feature Films. On Jason’s days off, he enjoys trying to take over the world.

More info: Jason Scheier, Artstation

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