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“What If We Could Swim In The Clouds?”: Artist Laurent Rosset Mixes The Sky With The Sea

Italian-born and Danish-based architect and digital Art Director Laurent Rosset (previously) is so inspired by his travels on a plane and amazed by seeing everyday elements from a different angle, that he decided to challenge the reality and release a new ‘Sea of Clouds’ series of dreamy artworks. using Photoshop, the artist blends details of natural beauty together and drowns clouds in the sea.

“I like to take the window seat every time I travel on a plane. I’m always amazed by how nice it is to see everyday elements from another point of view. So during my last trips I took my camera and leaning as much as possible against the window I started collecting pictures. When home, I sat in front of my Mac and with Photoshop, I began editing them to give those ‘window seat pictures’ a new story to tell.

In this new series the beauty of a natural phenomenon is blended with a dream to challenge one more time reality,” artist told Bored Panda.

More info: Laurent Rosset, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda, designboom)

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