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Luisa Azevedo And Her Fairy Animal Photo Manipulations

Luisa Azevedo is a portuguese young woman artist who was born in 1998. She is currently living in Lisbon.

Luisa always liked arts and crafts to create her own imaginary world. She got interested in photography, design and digital art when she grew up. Actually, she is studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon with a specialisation in Multimedia Art.

She found in photography and photo manipulation a daily challenge to deconstruct and reconstruct her own reality which she posts on her Instagram account. Most of her work is focused on animal that she likes to dissuade and transform into fancy and surreal thing. A cat with a road-tail, a bird-fox flying over the mountains, a mountain looking like a wolf silhouette… The whole is poetic, delicate and so soft!

More: Instagram h/t: fubiz

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