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This Artist Uses Image Editing To Sculpt Icebergs, And No Icebergs Were Harmed In The Making Of This Art

Hugo Livet, “Dérivé”. (© Slaunger)

On October 16, Nasa published a photo of a perfectly squared iceberg. The picture quickly went viral, coupled with a few conspiracy theories qualifying this as the work of aliens. However, the phenomenon is rather common according to the scientists. Tabular icebergs are parts of large blocks of ice which are connected to the land. One day, just “like a fingernail growing too long and cracking off the end”, they explain, they split from the edge of the block, following the pattern of the ice cracks. That is how their geometric shape can be explained.


This event inspired Hugo Livet to create the series Dérivé (Derived): “The first thing that came to mind when I saw this image was: ‘who did this ?!’, before I realized the next second it was the work of nature”.

Using copyright free pictures of icebergs, the French artist started to built photographic structures. These sculptures are inspired by the anthropization of the environment and this tabular ice block, but they are not real. Don’t worry, no icebergs were harmed in the making of this art.

More: Hugo Livet h/t: konbini

Hugo Livet, “Dérivé”. (Photographe inconnu)

Hugo Livet, “Dérivé”. (Photographe inconnu)

Hugo Livet, “Dérivé”. (© Danting Zhu)

Hugo Livet, “Dérivé”. (© Annie Spratt)

Hugo Livet, “Dérivé”. (© Torsten Dederichs)

Hugo Livet, “Dérivé”. (© Cassie Matias)

Hugo Livet, “Dérivé”. (Photographe inconnu)

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