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The Best Winning Photos Of Close-Up Photographer Of The Year 2021

Overall winner & Insects winner by Pål Hermansen

Close-up Photographer of the Year (CUPOTY) is a celebration of close-up, macro, and microphotography. A global competition was created to showcase images that help us see the world anew. Over 9,000 pictures from 55 countries were entered this year across the nine categories.

Here are the winners of Close-Up Photographer Of The Year 2021 in the categories of Insects, Animals, Plants & Fungi, Underwater, Butterflies & Dragonflies, Intimate Landscape, Manmade, Micro, and Young.

More: CUPOTY, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Insects: 2nd place by Petr Bambousek

Insects: 3rd place by Bernhard Schubert

Animals: Winner by Juan J. González Ahumada

Animals: 2nd place by Svetlana Ivanenko

Animals: 3rd place by Lili Sztrehárszki

Plants & Fungi: Winner by Barry Webb

Plants & Fungi: 2nd place by Andy Sands

Plants & Fungi: 3rd place by Paula Cooper

Underwater: Winner by Alessandro Grasso

Underwater: 2nd place by Filippo Borghi

Underwater: 3rd place by Enrico Somogyi

Butterflies & Dragonfiles: Winner by Ripan Biswas

Butterflies & Dragonfiles: 2nd place by Andrew Fusek Peters

Butterflies & Dragonfiles: 3rd place by Aniket Rangnath Thopate

Intimate Landscape: Winner by Daragh Muldowney

Intimate Landscape: 2nd place by David Southern

Intimate Landscape: 3rd place by Jakub Ondruch

Manmade: Winner by Rachel McNulty

Manmade: 2nd place by Bruno Militelli

Manmade: 3rd place by Elizabeth Kazda

Micro: Winner by Håkan Kvarnström

Micro: 2nd place by Don Komarechka

Micro: 3rd place by Marek Miś

Young: Winner by Ezra Boulton

Young: 2nd place by Sudith Rodrigo

Young: 3rd place by Anton Trexler

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