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120 Absurd Comics By Joseph Nowak

Joseph Nowak, a 34-year-old illustrator from Canada who is currently based in Berlin, creates witty single-paneled cartoons that are guaranteed to charge you up with a good mood. The most exciting part of Nowak’s artwork is that you can never guess what’s coming; in his absurd parallel universe, anything is possible. From reversed surreal scenarios such as a banana slipping on a human and flowers receiving a bouquet of humans to the everyday life struggles of a centipede or relationship problems of robots—the artist finds humor in the silliest and most random situations.

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Bored Panda asked the artist where he draws these bizarre ideas from: “They seem to mostly appear from nowhere. Sometimes there’s a trigger from a real-life event, but often they come from dissecting a situation to find a silly outcome. Today, for example, I thought that summoning a demon must happen instantly on the demon’s side, so what could it be doing to show a total lack of preparation? On the toilet, of course!”

Nowak posted his first cartoon in August of 2013 and says it has been a daily exercise ever since.

“I am still very much interested in other forms of visual creation. I also draw in other styles. This cartoon has more or less become a somewhat daily exercise, just to get started in the day.”

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