“The New Past”: Artist Makes Vintage Surreal Collages Crafted From Soviet Books

Dutch artist Tamara Stoffers’s whimsical collages, made from Soviet-era books, have travelled to Brussels, Rotterdam, and Stockholm. Her current exhibition at Moscow’s Lumière Center of Photography, The New Past, is the first time her collages have been exhibited in the New East.

Tamara studied fine art at Academie Minerva in Groningen from 2013 to 2017. During her graduation year she followed additional courses at Klassieke Academie.

Not settling on one medium, she developed a distinct style of collage exclusively using the USSR as a subject. Aside from photographic work, she paints humorous portraits and still lifes. All media are connected through an attentiveness to detail and a clear yearning for an inefficient and human surrounding.

More: Tamara Stoffers, Facebook h/t: calvertjournal

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