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Artist Brings Everyday Objects To Life With Smartphone And No Editing

According to Yahav Draizin: “My name is Yahav Draizin, and I work in advertising. I’m constantly looking for inspiration. Using my phone, I match images from popular culture and beyond to places, people, and objects to bring them to life, but with a fun twist. All photos are taken in real locations using two smartphones and no Photoshop or editing.

Photography has been my hobby since I was a little boy. I love it because it allows me to be creative and explore different angles and different stories that others don’t always see.

I think it’s a fun way to make an ordinary situation extraordinary, to make magic by combining two different things into a whole new story. A smartphone is something we all carry all day and it allows me to take this kind of photo spontaneously on the spot whenever an idea comes. I always carry two phones to do this.

I use images and characters that inspired me and in almost any situation, I can find a link to those memories and images.

Find my previous post here.”

More info: Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo h/t: boredpanda

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