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What Happens When Professional Artists Recreate Kids’ Monster Doodles In Their Own Unique Style

We all know that children have vivid imaginations and creative visualization comes pretty naturally to them. However, nowadays lots of children are so into ready-made images from sources such as TV, video games, computers and much more, that it is very important to encourage and inspire children to use their imaginations and explore creativity.

To help them develop their imaginations and encourage them to follow their creative potential, artists from all over the world have teamed up to create ‘The Monster Project’, which was previously featured on DYT here, here and here.

Celebrating their 4th year anniversary, the project invites elementary students to draw monsters. Once their monsters are done, artists give them a little of artistic touch by bringing them to life. Then, the new interpretations are delivered back to children in order to demonstrate new art techniques within the original creative context.

More: The Monster Project, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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