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The Superb Psychodelic Virtual Reality Artworks by The Russian Artist Nadia Bey

According to an artist: “Hey, I am Nadia Bey, a VR artist, also working with 3D graphics. I come from Tyumen, a city in Western Siberia in Russia, currently live in Saint-Petersburg. I am keen on CG of all kinds and I know this is the love of my life.”

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“I work mostly with VR painting and sculpting tools (Tilt Brush, Masterpiece VR) because they reveal a whole new philosophy of art and how it can affect people. The classic way of painting and drawing gives us only framed ‘windows’ while VR provides a full immersion into a scene and the mind of an artist.

Digital painting is another thing I enjoy but it upsets me that many artists spend their skills on drawing senseless uniform fantasy arts (like in casual games, for example) instead of taking a deeper look on controversial states of human soul and nature,” Nadya told Ballpitmag.

“Most of my artworks are extemporaneous — I don’t like making tons of sketches for preparation, especially since VR is 3-dimensional and flat sketches just don`t help much with constructing the space. However, I use a lot of color references, like schemes, palettes and paintings which have a similar atmosphere to what I want to express.

When I’m inside the virtual reality, I take out all my refs, put them somewhere next to me and just start moving my hand with the brush and color I need. Making the first smear excites me every time. I draw object by object, group elements and put them on their places, which is very convenient and easy, this process is a lot like playing with lego.

When the work is finished I use interior instruments of software to take pictures and videos of it. It is also possible to take a 3d model and edit it on the computer but I am still learning how to work in such a way,” she added.

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