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“100 Seconds to Midnight”: The Superb Digital Artworks by Jesperish

Jesperish was founded as a sole proprietorship in May 2010. Jesperish was born out of the founder’s vision and ambition to create a graphic, illustrative, design agency for international online entrepreneurs.

The name Jesper-ish stands for Jesper-like which literally reflects the founder’s creative vision.

Jesperish was born out of the founder’s creative expression and passion. However, the online activities started in 2010 through self-training using online courses. During the Multimedia Design course at the ROC in Nijmegen, it became clear that this passion would grow into a graphic independent entrepreneur.

After completing the Multimedia Design Training in 2017. Jesperish started the IGAD (GamearchitectureandDesign) course at the BUAS in Breda. During the course, interest shifted from graphic design to illustration and Art Direction.

More: Jesperish, Instagram, Behance

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