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French Artist Turns A Gas Tank Into A Giant 3D Sphynx Cat

If you come across Braga’s incredible 3D street art, you will certainly notice it and stop for a minute. This talented 33-year-old street artist from Marseille, France, whose real name is Tom Bragado Blanco, has the talent to confuse and deceive people’s eyes with his incredible artworks.

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His most recent artwork is a giant sphynx cat that he decided to blend into the middle of a field. The artist took quite an unusual approach and as his canvas, he chose an old gas tank. After the artist is done, the gas tank disappears and becomes an incredible 3D painting. As the final result, we see a giant, gray sphynx cat hiding in the grass and looking at a dog whose owner is trying to keep him away from the cat.

For his street art, Braga uses a technique called aerography, which he learned in 2011. Aerography is a surrealist method in which a stencil is no longer used in spray-painting and is instead replaced by a three-dimensional object. This method is mostly used to decorate tiles from the Victorian era and in the works of Man Ray, but Braga has adapted it to create his own unique artworks.

Here are more works by this artist:

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