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This Baby Girl Has An Inoperable Brain Tumor, So Her Parents Did A Photoshoot To Show Their Love

When Abigail Jones was born on August 6th, her parents already knew the odds were stacked against her, but then came the diagnosis: their little angel had an inoperable brain tumor and probably didn’t have long to live. Despite this crushing news, however, Erika and Stephen Jones were determined to fill her short life with love. This heartbreaking photoshoot captures their bittersweet family life.


“We knew little Abby’s life had a purpose, no matter how long or short it was,” Erika writes on a blog run by Mary, the couple’s photographer.

The couple first had to come to terms with the news that Abigail, their second daughter, would be born with Down syndrome, but the news of the inoperable tumor was different.


“Our hearts were broken and our minds weighted with questions and fear of the unknown to come”

“The neurosurgeon recommended that we take Abigail home and cover her with love,” Erika writes. “So we did and pediatric hospice will help us navigate the journey to come. We have smothered this little one with love and kisses and will continue to do so every moment we get.”

“She is moving, nursing, squawking, sticking out her tongue, opening her eyes, holding our fingers, and doing all things a baby does”

“Most likely, her whole life will be weeks or months, not years”


“We don’t want to lose our daughter. We want to see her laugh, dance, fight with her sister, ride a bike, go to school… we want to see her life”

Via Bored Panda, 8.08 Photography, ABC News

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