“Wet Neon”: Magical Reflections In Street Puddles By Slava Semeniuta

Slava Semeniuta (best known as Local Preacher) is a talented photographer, graphic designer and artist currently based in Sochi, Russia. Slava celebrates the beauty of neon lights, in his recent photo series dubbed “Wet Neon”, Semeniuta captivates the reflective allure of the slippery streets of Sochi. The artist, particularly drawn to neon and everything cosmic, uses the dazzling light and patterns on water.

“I love everything that looks cosmic. Neon colors are colors that are rarely found in nature. In the oceans live deep-water creatures that have the property to fluorescence. In cosmos, there are ultraviolet radiation rays which are only visible neon colors. I like to think that in the cosmos there are many planets where the whole world is fluorescent, mountains, trees, clouds, seas. These colors seem to me very mysterious and magical fact,” he says.

More info: Instagram, Facebook (h/t: photogrist)

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