“Don’t Trust the Truth”: The Superb Graphic Design Works of Sebastian Onufszak

Sebastian Onufszak is an award-winning illustrator, designer and art director based in Augsburg, Germany. After successfully finishing his studies in communication design, the member of the Art Directors Club worked as Creative Director and Art Director for several design and animation studios from 2001 up until 2009.

Since 2009, he starting out as a self-employed creative in the fields of print and interactive and motion media. He further lectured on motion graphics and animation at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. His expressive and unique style landed him jobs with popular brands such as Adidas, Mercedes, Samsung and Karl Lagerfeld, to name but a few. Onufszak’s commercial and personal works were featured in numerous design publications and exhibitions worldwide.

More: Sebastian Onufszak, Behance, Vimeo, Twitter

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