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Alice In Wonderland Re-Imagined With Japanese Artwork: Gorgeous Watercolor

Alice in Wonderland is beloved and celebrated for its surreal charm and dreamlike atmosphere. As it turns out, the fairy tale setting and characters translate very seamlessly (and awesomely!) into a world based on Japanese culture.

More: Taupe Syuka, Twitter h/t: grapee

Artist Taupe Syuka specializes in such fantastical art, and in a series of watercolor artwork has infused elements of Japanese culture, old and new, into wondrous world of Alice in Wonderland, all the while maintaining its original sense of quirky beauty.

In a way, her work creates a whole new cultural world, but the strongest elements of the source shine through, perhaps due to her similarly mythical style. Try and spot what you can recognize, and be sure to enjoy her other work as well.

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