Ukrainian Digital Artist Reveals How She Creates Her Fairytale-Like Images With New Stunning Photo Works

Evolving technologies create new opportunities in art by blurring the barrier between the artist’s imagination and final artwork. With today’s possibilities to edit and augment any photo by clicking on a few buttons in an app within seconds, it seems that anyone can be an artist.

So we want to bring to the spotlight an artist who still relies on her skills and avid creativity and masterfully uses good trusty Photoshop in her time-consuming artwork that looks like it belongs on the cover of a book or movie.

Ukrainian digital artist Viktoria Solidarnyh (previously) reveals that Photoshop is far from magic by uncovering what goes into her fairytale-like photo manipulations. She combines multiple ordinary and often unrelated images to create mystical parallel worlds. By deconstructing each of her final works into puzzle pieces, she shows how intricate and thought-out her work is.

More: DeviantArt, VK, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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