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Female Artists Are Being Completely Removed From Their Own Album Covers In Iran

Lady Gaga — Joanne

Pop icons are being removed from their own single and album covers in Iran, simply because they are women. Now their stans are reacting to the censored albums on social media.

h/t: insider, dailydot

The Twitter account Pop Crave, which dishes out all the latest pop culture news for the Twitter-verse, pointed out the censorship in a now-viral tweet.


The post features some of the most recognizable albums, so recognizable, in fact, that it’s easy to distinguish which albums they are even with a major missing component: the female artists who usually inhabit the fronts of them.

Twitter user @IzzRaifHarz was one of the first to post about the edited covers across Melovaz that included several examples where the albums were missing their central figures, including Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé, sometimes featuring smoke or blurs in their place. Others like Lana del Rey’s appearance on her album cover was also scrubbed, but the male figure was left seemingly unedited.

One quick glance over the site shows dozens of male artists featured on the site’s homepage unedited, while female artists are missing from the covers of playlists and albums listed under their names.

Lana Del Rey — The Greatest

Nicki Minaj — Queen

Miley Cyrus — She Is Coming

Camila Cabello — Liar

Billie Eilish — When We All Fall Asleep

Normani — Motivation

Taylor Swift — ShuYou Need To Calm Down

Hailee Steinfeld — Afterlife

Iggy Azalea — In my defense

Saweetie — Icy

Mariah Carey — A No No

Bebe Rexha — Last Hurrah

Marina — Love fear

Little Mix — Bounce back

Katy Perry — Small talk

Ciara — Beauty Marks

Tove Lo — Sunshine Kitty

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