You Can Now Get Cat Sticker To Cover Up Racist Graffiti You Find On The Streets – Design You Trust

You Can Now Get Cat Sticker To Cover Up Racist Graffiti You Find On The Streets

Depending on where you live and what part of the city you are in, chances are you probably walk or drive by some racist graffiti on walls, lamp posts, or on the ground quite often. Well, someone had enough of it and made these brilliant cat stickers to cover them up.

More: Cracks Appearing Distro h/t: sadanduseless

Sure, you could always report the graffiti, or attempt to clean it up yourself, but there’s just something so satisfying about taking care of it in the most clever way possible! Not only are you covering up some terrible text or picture, but you’re giving everyone a new awesome message to read that’s positive, and it has a picture of a cat that’ll draw everyone in!

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