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Spanish Hairdresser Develops a Digital Printing Technique on Hair

The Barcelona-based stylist and hairdresser Alexis Ferrer presents an amazing printing technique developed with the studio X-presion Creativos that offers a new look to your hair.

The artist has been working on hair printing techniques since 2012 and has chosen to mix technology and tradition in his latest project. He was inspired by the patterns of the fabrics of the French bourgeoisie of the 18th century to recreate the baroque style on extensions then placed on the blonde hair of models Emma Fuhrmann, Camila Ferreyro and Patrizia Lombardo.

“I must admit that the first impressions on the hair were a real challenge. It took two months to get good results in high definition” detailed Alexis Ferrer in an interview.

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Alexis Ferrer has many more innovative hairworks:

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