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This Stunning Dragon Bench Was Birthed From A Chainsaw And Single Log

Believe it or not, this stunning dragon bench was carved using nothing more than a chainsaw and one single log. No wonder the internet can’t stop sharing it.

Created by Igor Loskutow, the bench was made for a butcher shop. The dragon’s body curls around the bench, posing with a life-likeness that draws us right into a fairytale. The dragon’s scaled stomach functions as an arm rest or back rest while the detailed wings unfurl as an epic back rest.

What impresses us most is how Loskutow incorporates the log’s natural imperfections into the design. If you look closely at the dragon’s snout, you’ll spot little holes likely leftover from bugs that now add an interesting texture.And the end of the dragon’s arm breaks off just where the log naturally ends, adding a weird series of sharp points.

More info: Igor Loskutow, Facebook (h/t: sobadsogood)

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