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Japanese DJ Not Only Makes Music But Also Wraps Everyday Objects In Realistic-Looking Human Flesh

Japanese DJ and artist Shishido Mazafaka — aka Doooo — is sending shivers down the spine of the internet with his hyper-realistic body artwork that doubles as a coin purse.

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The flesh-like pouch mimics the face and mouth of a human man, and can be pulled open or closed to reveal a small space to deposit and store coins. a video of doooo pulling the clutch ajar uncovers a shining set of super-realistic teeth hiding inside.

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Made of silicon rubber, the purse has been shaped to resemble the lower half of a man’s face — complete with a five-o-clock shadow. The skin-like quality of the silicone makes the movement as you open and close the mouth seem all too realistic. But the realistic features aren’t only on the outside. The inside of the mouth has some disturbingly detailed features as well — right down to the off-white and slightly crooked appearance of the teeth and pinkish and wet coloring of the gums. The offering will truly mess with your mind — we don’t even want to imagine the nightmares it might evoke in young children.

The fleshy coin purse isn’t doooo’s first foray into fleshy functional objects. Previously, the artist covered his DJ soundboard in a material mimicking human skin, and wrapped an iPhone case and portable charger in the tissue-like substance.

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