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Fish Eye Pillows Is What You Need After A Hard Day

Having a bad day? Or perhaps your kids are driving you nuts? “Put a fish on it,” writes AliaGraceDolls on her Etsy shop. Made from organic cotton and filled with organic flax seeds and lavender, these fish-shaped eye pillows can be be warmed and cooled if desired. And according to their description “nothing beats the soothing feel of a cool fish on your face after a long hard day.”

More info: Etsy (h/t: boredpanda)

And this is not just any fish. AliaGraceDolls tells us to “Close [our] eyes and inhale…. the magical fragrance will transport you to the provincial country side of the south of France where you lie on your back in a meadow of purple lavender flowers for as far as the eye can see… bees buzzing and sun shining, you are high as a kite as a cool breeze washes over you enveloping you with the aroma of exotic French lavender…”

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