Rainbow Cat Undercut Is The Hairstyle We Want Right MEOW


Any cat mom (or dad) will tell you that you wish you could take your cat everywhere. Sure, it would be a nightmare trying to get it to go where you want, and feeding it loose wet cat food would be a total mess, but you’d be able to hug it whenever you’re feeling sad and lost in the big city.

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? добрая утречка

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There’s an alternative option, and we’re not talking about wandering the streets squeezing a stuffed animal. I already get enough attention for wearing my security blanket like a cape, thank you very much. This great idea allows you to go out in public looking relatively normal:

My new split hair by @aliyousha ?

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But underneath you have a beautiful secret:

“My sleepy cat with me always,” purrfectly captions this look. This cut out was done by St. Petersburg-based hairdresser Aliya Askarova, but we should definitely credit the inspiration. Ironically, this lady’s cat appears to have less hair than she does:

Запрыгивай на плечо и властвуй ?

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У Мэгги новый шеллак ??

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?? ? пицц-магистр

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It’s a style that will probably require a lot of maintenance, much like taking care of an actual cat does.

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