Working From Home Has Never Been Easier With This Office-Tent

Work from home sounds like a dream for most, but, like many work-related things, it’s not easy. Sure, getting work done in bed and not having colleagues breathe over your shoulder is a convenience that cannot be understated, but it’s things like having unlimited snacking time and getting easily distracted way too many times that become serious issues. Oh, and an unavoidable need for a more office-like atmosphere develops in the long run.

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Well, apparently there’s a very practical solution to this very freelance problem. Introducing the 200 Tent001 privacy tent, as it’s called in Japanese. It’s a tent that you can plop inside of your living room (or any other room), this way creating your own personal space to make work more productive.

It comes in the shape of a disc that expands into a black, human-sized, fabric cubicle. Place a chair and a small table there, and you have a solitary bit of space to get some work done in. There’s even a mini-tutorial made by the manufacturer on how to unfold and refold it.

It’s being marketed as a work and/or gaming space, but it’s all left up to your imagination what you want to do inside the tent cubicle: have a conference call, a quarantine party, study, create inventory for your Etsy store, develop film, or do a photoshoot. All of it’s practically possible.

The only thing that it certainly won’t do is keep your kids at bay when, during the lockdown, the whole family is home and those TPS reports need to be done by 4 o’clock.

All jokes aside, it does certainly create a private space that limits surrounding distractions to a minimum. Sure, it’s no office space where you can hang a picture on the wall, but seeing a black wall all around will help to focus your thoughts on getting some work done more productively.

Apparently, it also comes with a skylight and a side window to let natural light in, or you can alternatively hang a light on a hook inside. It even has pockets where you can place bottles of water to stop the tent from wobbling. You can practically use it outside during quarantine at this point.

Depending on where you buy, this thing can cost you around 8,000 Japanese yen, which is roughly 68 Euro or 74 US dollars.

The internet, in its very internet fashion, found it a very vain invention. Not only will it probably arrive after the lockdown is officially over and there will be no need for it, but many who have kids argue that it won’t work to ensure privacy. Many, in fact, joked that this would probably work much better in an actual office than at home. Regardless, those having a short attention span can certainly benefit from it.

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