This Girl Makes A Pop-Culture-Inspired Pies That Would Be A Sin To Cut

These days food gets photographed so much that it has to be pretty. Especially if it’s pies. Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (previously featured) is a confectionery artist who makes sure this happens – she bakes pies that are too nice to eat!

Jessica started her pie adventures called “Pies are awesome” in 2016 and has been pushing the boundaries of pie decoration since, by combining her love for desserts and all things nerdy. Inspired by all aspects of pop culture, this artist illustrates famous characters, people, or scenes, sometimes turning them into puns that she loves too, such as “Pie hard,” or “Live And Let Pie.”

“My mission is to show the world that not only can pies go head-to-head against the poshest wedding cakes and fancy-pants desserts on the most discerning buffet tables of the world, but that they can be fun and easy to pull off too!” she says.

More info: Pies are Awesome, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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