Ben Chelouche Created Two 3D Alphabets For 36 Days Of Type Challenge

Typography can be atypical. Sure, there are fonts that we instantly recognize, but some go beyond that. Ben Chelouche accepted the 36 days of type challenge and created not just one, but two different alphabets. One was based around food, and the other was based on nostalgia. From avocados to zucchinis, from Atari to Zelda, he covered the whole range of the alphabet, and in turn, foods and nostalgic items.

More: Instagram, Behance h/t: boredpanda

The Southern Californian flexed his creative muscle and made over 50 different letters in a short amount of time. As he’s a digital artist, he made them in 3D modeling software. It’s more challenging than you might think, as the names of the items don’t necessarily mean that they look like their first letter. One has to shape and compose them in a way reminiscent of the alphabet letter and the item itself.

The artist told more about the reason why he made these alphabets. “The letters posts were all part of a type challenge called @36daysoftype. Everything created on my page is personal work for my own growth, development of skills, and of course for fun,” said Ben. If you like what you see, there’s a fairly recent post about cartoon characters made from the letters of the alphabet by Tadeo Soriano.

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