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Meet The Street Artist Who Made $1000 By Adding A Bitcoin QR Code To His Murals

Pascal Boyart is using QR codes to fuel his street art with Bitcoin donations.

Thanks to blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies, creatives might have a new viable option to make ends meet without leaving their fiscal stability in the hands of profit-oriented dealers and corporations. Meet French street artist Pascal ‘PBOY’ Boyart.

Influenced by the the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin, Boyart has made cryptocurrencies and decentralization a central theme in his work. In his paintings, Bitcoin becomes not only an integral part of the piece itself, but also the very method by which Boyart can profit from his creation.

“I first included a Bitcoin QR code in my work in November 2017,” Boyart told Hard Fork. “I painted a street art piece of a child asking his father ‘Dad, what is money?’ and I placed a QR code at the side of my signature.”

“I wasn’t sure if someone had done this already, but I wanted to see if people could support street artists with donations,” the artists added. “I did it as an homage to Andreas Antonopoulos’ book The Internet of Money.”

Since then, Boyart has received over $1,000 (approximately 0.11 BTC) in donations so far, according to stats from the Bitcoin blockchain explorer.

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