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Photographer Spends 12 Months Creating a ‘Never-Ending’ Panoramic Story

In the photography world, we’re pretty familiar with 52-week projects, although some of us have yet to ever start or complete one. Beamused Magazine wanted to encourage all artists to take up a 52-week challenge called an “endless book.” The premise is that artists create one page of their “book” per week, constructing them in such a way that one page leads to another for a seamless mega-panorama.

Creative still life photographer Dina Belenko decided to undertake the project, composing a giant, story-rich (and, sometimes, humorous) panorama over the course of twelve months.

Dina explains a bit about her project:

“Have you ever dreamed about interstellar flight, seeing distant galaxies, meeting with aliens? Yes? Me too! But I’m not an astronaut, I’m a photographer, which isn’t too bad actually, since I can see stars and galaxies in everyday objects like coffee cups and powdered sugar. So then I decided to participate in Endless Book Project I definitely knew that my book would be about outer space…and cookies.

The Endless Book Project was organized by illustrator Natalie Ratkovski and Beamused Magazine. There were about 400 artists (and 2 or 3 photographers, including me), each one of whom was making one image per week in any possible technique (photographs, watercolors, computer graphics, etc) on any possible theme. There’s only one condition: the illustration on the previous page should flow smoothly into the next one, so there shouldn’t be visible seams or rough blends. At the end of the year each participant had a large panoramic image, an endless book which consisted of 52 images, and could be continued. Well, here is mine.”

Her end result is a stunning masterpiece full of life and creativity!


Donut System

Spilled Stars

Supernova on my plate

Map-marked stars

Galactic Delivery Service

UFO Logbook

Tea With UFO

From The Sun To Betelgeuse

Don’t panic!

Betelgeuse Travel Corp

Puff Pastry With Stardust

Sugar Nebula

Late Guests

Back To Earth
Via DIY Photography

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