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Georgian Photographer Makes “Autoportrait” Series To Convey Her Feelings Towards Art

According to Tika Jabanashvili: “Photography has become an integral part of my life for the fourth year in a row. Art has always been my guide to life. At first, I danced, then I played in the theater, but under certain circumstances, I completely lost my art.

This was a big gap, so I started looking for alternative paths. Photography turned out to be something that filled the empty space in my life. My journey with photography started about 4 years ago and my first personal exhibition was held in 2018, with an experimental yet conceptual topic called “Hanging out the Washing.””

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

“Both dance and theater are areas of art that convey unspoken emotions. I convey unspoken words with my body as I dance. Photography also serves this very purpose, to show people your imagination, the way you see the world. Speak without words. Either way, your valuable community belongs to you. I realised that my perception of the world was changing thanks to it. I had started paying more attention to smaller details in everyday life. Mobile photography allowed me to quickly capture what I saw without missing any element.”

“This is an easy way to achieve the desired result. It is often said that knowledge of the camera determines the quality of photography. This is partly a lie. It is not always necessary to have camera knowledge to show people what is happening around them. In many cases, the truth of the shot depends on the surprise. Mobile photography is built on this spontaneity.”

“With this series, I wanted to convey my feelings and attitude towards art in general. It is titled self-portrait or “Autoportrait” as all these images are by the artist and of the artist. Over time, I realized that people like my photos because they don’t lie. Perhaps this is my calling card. My photography is based on sincerity. I do not deceive my viewers and offer a product that reflects reality. I once saw a flower nearby and was struck with an idea. I then decided to start creating images that best described my love for art. Just like the flowers in these photographs, art is a part of me. It comes at the forefront of everything, just like the flowers which come before me.

Imagination is the center of this series.”

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