‘Shall We Dance’ – Photographer Shawn Danker Captures Dancers On The Streets Around The World

‘Shall We Dance: A Visual Antholog’y is an ongoing site specific art project, created by Shawn Danker, that situates dance in context, dialogue and performance with urban locations. Shawn Danker is a photographer in Singapore who specializes in photojournalism and documentation. Shawn’s work has been featured in Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, France, and Bangladesh.

More info: Shawn Danker

“I started Shall We dance because I wanted to combine dance with street and architecture to create a unique dance series through the use of juxtaposition,” Shawn told DYT.

“The biggest twist behind my series is that I am not just photographing ballet and or contemporary like most other dance photographers have done. I am shooting any genre of dance, from ballet, to breakdancing to jazz to ballroom,” he added.

“I always tell my dancers that their photos have a narrative and that that they are not dancing in a vacuum because there is a reason why they in the specific locations that I had chosen for them.”

“I originally started working on the idea in my home base of Singapore but decided to broaden the series’ locales to showcase so that I could provide a showcase for dancers around the world.”

“I’ve created content in Singapore, Japan and Australia so far and I plan to travel to Europe and the US. The end goal behind the series is to turn it into a traveling photo exhibit and book that will showcase dancers interacting with the cities they live in.”

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