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Tsunotsuno’s Melancholic and Seductive Sinematic Digital World of Giant Women


Japanese artist Tsunotsuno, a graduate student of engineering, has created a striking series of nocturnal digital images that depict young women as solitary giants, trapped in neon-lit urban environments. The images are reminiscent of cinematic stills and have an open-ended narrative that draws the viewer in.

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Tsunotsuno’s images feature characters created by 3DCG, composited onto photographs of cityscapes that the artist has taken. The result is a series of trompe l’oeil dioramas that evoke a wide range of emotions in the viewer.


The characters in Tsunotsuno’s work are often depicted as having “troublesome emotions,” such as anger or sadness, but they are also attractive and alluring. The artist says that she strives to find a balance between these emotions, as we all face conflicts and difficulties in life, but not all of them lead to bad endings. Sometimes, there are unexpected harvests that can be the hope and driving force to move forward.


Through these works, Tsunotsuno aims to encourage empathy and creativity in the viewer, and to create images that can only be achieved through the use of computer graphics. While she acknowledges that it is not possible to give universal answers to the problems and difficulties that people face, hopes that all of this works can inspire people to move forward.


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