Very Rare Baby South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher Photographed For The First Time Ever

We like to think that we’ve come a long way from the days of discovery when adventurers wandered into uncharted lands and came back with sketches and specimens of creatures never seen before.

And while we definitely have, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t making new discoveries all the time or increasing our understanding of old discoveries once thought lost.

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In 1890, explorers discovered the South Philippine dwarf kingfisher, which is one of the country’s 255+ unique bird species. Ceyx mindanensis is the tiniest species of forest kingfisher found only in Mindanao in the Philippines. Its unique call is described as “high-pitched, insect-like, and almost inaudible zeeep.”

The tiny birds are colorful, but fast-moving, making them incredibly hard to spot, let alone photograph. The fledgling of the South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx mindanensis) has been photographed for the first time in 130 years by eye surgeon and field biologist, Dr. Miguel David De Leon.

The photograph is the first time anyone is able to see the image of the rare small forest kingfisher found only in Mindanao, since the bird was first sighted in Southern Philippines in 1890 during the Steere Expedition.

The Filipino field biologist and his team spent 10 years searching in the avian field trying to document the species nesting, feeding, and breeding behaviors. The dwarf kingfishers are known to be cavity nesters and eat a variety of small invertebrate creatures.

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