Russian Photographer Captured Wonderful Photos While Visiting The Extraordinary Socotra Island

According to Kristina Makeeva: “Socotra is a Yemeni-owned island located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Somalia. It is one of the world’s most isolated islands of continental (non-volcanic) origin; it separated from Africa about 6 million years ago.

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The long isolation of Socotra and intense heat and drought, hurricane seasonal monsoons from May to September, noticeable climate softening in the winter months, as well as special climatic conditions in mountainous regions have formed a unique flora and fauna on the island. For this reason, Socotra is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The main threat to Socotra’s nature is represented by alien species, climate change, and anthropogenic impact (it is known that goats eat young shoots of bottle trees and the dragon tree, which harms the endemics of Socotra).

The symbol of Socotra is Dracaena cinnabari (Dragon tree), which looks like a huge mushroom or umbrella. From the bark of this tree, when cut, red sap begins to flow, which quickly solidifies. Since ancient times, local residents have used the resulting crimson gum for medical, veterinary, and cosmetic purposes. Locals say that the juice of Dracaena cinnabari can stop bleeding during menstruation in women.

To watch more videos about this incredible place, you may visit my Instagram. Most of all, I liked the kilometer-long dunes on the shores of the azure Indian Ocean, puffer fish, and bottle trees blooming like sakura.”

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