Eerie Photographs Captured By An Urban Explorer Show An Abandoned Mental Asylum Crumbling Into Disrepair


An exterior view of some boarded up windows at Rauceby, an abandoned mental asylum in Lincolnshire, UK. These haunting photos show the collapsing remains of a derelict mental asylum. The pictures show the ruined former hospital building and chapel, now covered in dust and graffiti. Few signs remain that reveal the site as a former home of mentally ill adults and children.

More info: Simon Robson


There is only one medical bed, and one bathroom with three broken stalls. Outside, a single tractor tyre from the asylums farm site lies across an almost-hidden path that used to lead to the entrance. Photographer Simon Robson visited Rauceby to explore and snap the hospitals eerie remains. Lincolnshires Rauceby Asylum was founded in 1897 and served primarily as a mental hospital for over a century, finally closing its doors in 1998.


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