Beautiful Photos of Debbie Harry in Blue Dress, 1979

Here, Debbie Harry is pictured in 1979 looking incredible with a neon-pink halo glimmering around her head and a shining, sequin-studded top.


With her eyes fixed to the camera and smudged with electric-blue liner, it’s easy to see why the Blondie singer was considered the queen of glamour as well as punk, with the two styles often bleeding into each other.

The photographs were shot by Maureen Donaldson, who captured her right before the release of Blondie’s fourth album Eat to the Beat during a time where the band were partying hard.

“The music was good but the group was showing signs of wear and tear,” wrote songwriter Mike Chapman in the album’s sleeve notes. “The meetings, the drugs, the partying and the arguments had beaten us all up, and it was hard to have a positive attitude when the project was finally finished.”

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