“Telling Stories with Color”: Erikson Aponte Creates Artworks Influenced by Psychedelia and The Color Reflection

Venezuelan artist and designer Erikson Aponte is obsessed with digital retouching and fashion photography. In an often surreal yet high beauty world, the artist continues to challenge commercial fashion imagery through heavily distorted post-production and colour grading.

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“Colour and form is something that is very harmonious to me and necessary for my desire to create. Colour is fundamental to the work as it allows me to transmit the emotions of my life into art. My work is a reflection of my personality and the use of colour is often descriptive to my mood whilst creating,” he told Beyond Photography.

“Surrealism for me, is mystery, it’s order within chaos. Ultimately, surrealism is a way to generate questions about unconscious emotions which I aim to explore from a personal perspective through my images,” he added.

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