Guy Hilariously Trolls IKEA By Installing A Fake “Relationship Saving Station”, And It Might Just Save Your Marriage

Few things can strain a marriage quite like a trip to IKEA, which is probably why this funny “Relationship Saving Station” recently popped up in one of the famous flat-pack furniture stores in Burbank, California.

More info: Jeff Wysaski, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

“Shopping can be stressful,” reads the sign. “Here are 5 quick ways to ease tension with a loved one.”

The kit includes everything from a tiny horse that you can yell at instead of each other, a picture of a puppy in a cup to remind you of the joy in the world, and a couple of stupid milk carton hats (because nobody can argue while looking so ridiculous…right?).

Despite looking official, the Relationship Saving Station is in fact the latest prank by comedian Jeff Wysaski, AKA Obviousplant.

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