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Museum Uses Brilliant Ads To Get You Excited About Science


Science people have all the brains, even when it comes to a spot of advertising. Wanting to engage the public with science —in a way that was both thought-provoking and fun—Vancouver’s Science World teamed up with creative agency Rethink Canada to produce these very clever ads. No need to double check these quirky facts, they’re all scientifically verified, promise.

Here: “You have 20sq. feet of skin.” – If this creeps you out, you’re in good company.

“A blue whale’s heart is the size of this car.” – Well, that’s bigger than I imagined, but considering a blue whale weighs about 170 tons…

“You fart a balloon’s worth of gas a day.” – And you’ll be breaking wind about 14 times a day. Don’t deny it!

“2oz. of gold can cover a billboard.” – Gold can spread out like nobody’s business, in fact it’s a soft metal that can be easily shaped and stretched.

“Diamonds aren’t all that rare.” – Surprisingly, emeralds, rubies and even sapphires are more rare.

“Cat pee glows under black light.” – We all know body fluids glow under black light, but cat pee glows even brighter, thanks mostly to its phosphorous element.

“Two most common fears: clowns and heights” – Though that’s not the number one fear. Flying takes the top rank, followed by heights, clowns, intimacy, death, rejection, people, snaked, success, and driving.

“Mosquitoes love the color blue.” – Insects mainly see dark colors, so that explains the blue colored mosquito zappers.

“Your body contains enough carbon to fill 9,000 pencils.” – The average human’s body is made from 18.5% carbon. Try fitting that in your pencil case.

“You see better when you’re scared.” – This fact refers to the body’s fight or flight response. The hypothalamus triggers a number of autonomic body responses, one of which being the dilation of your pupils to take in as much light as possible.

Source: Distractify, Imgur

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