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Artist Turns Discarded Trash Into Beautiful Landscapes That Match The Scenery

It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the topics of sustainability and the environment have been quite prominent in the media during the last couple of years. Most of us are aware of the excess pollution in nature caused by humankind and the kind of effect it has on the plants, animals, nature, and the planet overall.

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One could say that this probably happens due to the fact that we still can’t grasp the reality of the situation we are facing as well as the consequences that come with our actions, especially when it comes to the pollution that is only growing with the increasing population. However, there are always people who are willing to go the extra mile to bring awareness to important issues.

A good example of bringing awareness to the situation can be seen by the eco-artist Mariah Reading. Mariah combines her love of nature with her natural artistic talent to create beautiful landscape paintings that match the surrounding scenery. Instead of buying supplies for her art, she recycles the garbage that was left behind by visitors in the parks she frequently visits as she turns said garbage into her own canvas. Most of the time, her work may involve using the item as it is or combining a few different things that could provide a bigger surface to paint on.

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